i woke up around midnight a few days ago with a “burning desire”

i’ve been streaming lately because i needed a way to socialize, esp with plagueworld.
at first I thought oh I want to have a little bwab that moves when I talk on stream, just something simple
I spent hours researching ways to have a little bwab do that. something super simple, no Webcam or anything
turns out simple stuff is harder to do than hard stuff
surprisingly basic technologies can be lost by a culture in its frenzy for more new things
I tried a lot of ways, none of them worked
the most galaxy brain thing I tried was making it so Audiomeeter made my system type “A” or “B” depending on whether the microphone detected sound or not
then I tried to code a critter in gamemaker that could detect global keys and flap its mouth when it received a certain keystroke
this worked slightly but not reliably enough to be my solution
it also made typing really hard
so i was fucking forced to learn how to make a vtube avatar and spent all night and all day teaching myself
this is because I don’t like using my face casually, it uses a lot of energy. irl facecams feel very parasocial and energy leeching.
I didn’t want a glossy youthful anime avatar either
it’s obviously really cool to be a big titty anime girl but I wanted something kinda broken and dumb like me. most vtubes i’ve seen are drawn in a pretty normal anatomical artstyle, so making a 7/11 honk dog garbage vtuber drawn in my own style felt even more worthwhile.
i made a bunch of prototypes and taught myself rigging and borrowed my gfs webcam
thats my snakey story

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