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bb zero zero bb zero zero from philly wrote on May30 in the hell 2021 at 6;14AM angeltime:
you and your work has been a persistent source of joy and guidance for as long as i care to remember. thank you charity
Catherine Catherine wrote on May14 in the hell 2021 at 5;04PM angeltime:
i played sticky zeitgeist and dang im sad but it was a great piece of fiction
Some Guy Some Guy from A lonely place with nothing to do wrote on April23 in the hell 2021 at 12;48PM angeltime:
Hey, I just Finished sticky zeitgeist.... That was a thing... and it did things to my soul... This website is pretty cool... I like your Flavour... Hope you have a nice existence.
hudachi hudachi wrote on April14 in the hell 2021 at 11;00PM angeltime:
tod,ay i was in english class and there was this video about interactive fiction and video games and twine and stuff and the video specifically mentioned crystal warrior kesha as a good example of a twine thing so i checked it out and this whole dealio is right up my alley!! your aesthetic is very good!!
cardinal cardinal wrote on April14 in the hell 2021 at 10;40PM angeltime:
I love this website and everything you do
tuff tuff from cold empty rice bowl wrote on March22 in the hell 2021 at 1;14AM angeltime:
hey we're reading some of your work for my class & it's making me want to write cool weird funky hard shit. thanks. <3
moth moth from forbidden cheese wrote on March12 in the hell 2021 at 5;37AM angeltime:
thanks for everything. you've seriously inspired me to actually start learning a useful skill in life. ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Ž
fran fran from swollen eyes wrote on March4 in the hell 2021 at 6;18AM angeltime:
with those we love alive was lovely
labgirl labgirl from The Moon wrote on February3 in the hell 2021 at 4;32AM angeltime:
ryan ryan from a state of desparation wrote on January5 in the hell 2021 at 7;49AM angeltime:
this is the website my soul would make if you plugged it into geocities.
Ves Ves from Vancouver BC wrote on December26 in the hell 2020 at 1;46AM angeltime:
happy hollandaise!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ =^.^=
jakob jakob from manila wrote on December4 in the hell 2020 at 11;44PM angeltime:
seeing u explore osr is extremely cool!!! i would so buy sm rpg zine u made
ad ad from nowhere wrote on November29 in the hell 2020 at 7;56PM angeltime:
thank u ......... just thank u .......
DEADi DEADi from Plains of Onionringia wrote on October25 in the hell 2020 at 9;16PM angeltime:
An inspiration.
Winged RjM of Diurnal inhabitations Winged RjM of Diurnal inhabitations from currently in Kรถln wrote on September22 in the hell 2020 at 12;30AM angeltime:
Indelible in the hippocampus: The great privilege of knowing the earth secrets is the curse of knowing that there is nothing.
winky face winky face wrote on September3 in the hell 2020 at 9;50AM angeltime:
oh wow! wow ๐Ÿ™‚
Eli Eli wrote on August20 in the hell 2020 at 4;52PM angeltime:
Love thes lime!
Eli Eli wrote on August20 in the hell 2020 at 4;12PM angeltime:
I love your work! I found your old blog through your old games column, and I am reading Exiting the Vampire's Castle now. I hope you have a good day and as good a life as can be wished for.
Dana C Dana C from Bogotรก wrote on August6 in the hell 2020 at 8;26AM angeltime:
o ye goddesses what a beautiful light that splinters my eyes I cannot not bask in it
Meena Dhalgren Meena Dhalgren from Honolulu wrote on August3 in the hell 2020 at 9;10PM angeltime:
Seduced through Armada, I have become healthy, happy servile drone for the Porpentine Media Empire.