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algal bloom diving is low visibility but the cenotes of the archipelago are one of the best shortcuts and also evade cameras (moisture against surveillance).
your diving gas mixture is very personal. an equation of narcosis and oral ease. but your tank is exposed.

low kill shelter is a lowkey palette cleanser between works. calibrating people down so they can get fucked up more by my next stuff. i usually start from really strong worldbuilding but here i’m using the most basic mundane concepts and finding what’s interesting in them
which makes sense if you know its basically set in Emeryville
such a scary dead clean place, def my top creepypasta location in no cal
anyways gotta save room for the scorpion layer cake. desensitization management etc
it’s the first thing i put on kindle in addition to itchio. i got about 3x the sales on itchio which i attribute to 1) that being my main store for awhile and 2) amazon sucks and i dont blame people lol. But this was a good low-stakes experiment that helped me figure out how to put stuff on kindle which will be useful when the novel comes out.
i like writing romantic elements. i like making people feel that way.
i suck at promoting stuff so i was happy people i’d never met left a bunch of reviews on twitter, and some on itchio/amazon/goodreads.
thanks for the nice words and encouragement.

interesting dream because i remembered an unusual amount of dialog
instead of it getting scrambled in transition
even remembering a single word is usually a big deal
obviously i had to “fill in” some parts but a lot is verbatim or the closest translation, and all the events happened like that
lynchian feel

made a charitysona generator
was really fun to make the layers, compulsively adding new things and seeing how they look together

Elf 9/11

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pic backstories

started as quick mouse drawing as a reference for something i’m writing, that’s why it has 1px lines instead of my usual tablet stroke. but i like the way ms paint lines fuck up the shape, dorkify the anatomy, stimmed in a way a more naturalistic flow isn’t. my silly little wojaks…

the collar is adapted from citronella anti-bark collars and sprays a hypoquantized conjecturate of ethyl chloride mixed with extrapolative dye, which has the dual effect of lowering the facial skin temperature below the detection of primitive IR sensors + spraying dazzle dye which confuses face-recognition cameras. The dye was originally used to paint green-water gunboats with garish camouflage that did not conceal from the human eye but instead made movement and target tracking more difficult to estimate. The collar is an example of INNOCENT’s absolute bottom of the barrel castoff gear trickled down from the security agencies of more powerful city-states and houses.

the water is pink from algal bloom.

this guy has some problems but youre not ready to know about em yet

Femboy trapped in quarantine with his mom. He’s too old for conversion therapy and the clinic closed during lockdown but she’s developed a series of highly arbitrary domestic conversion techniques to save her son from hell and “feco-anal diseases”.

Swords don’t make a person evil, but to control your sword you have to pull it out. The handle is as sharp as the blade, or becomes the blade, so pulling it out is very painful. Mom breaks down crying sometimes and apologizing when she’s drunk on wine coolers but reverts back to the fear that he’ll leave her like dad did, feeding the sword psychosis.

She scratches the itchy base of the sword where it enters her skull. Femboy can’t see it but he can smell it, or smell himself. Things get real bad inside the house. The doors and windows stop working. He breaks out through a weird tunnel that appears in the game room in the basement that hasn’t been used since the divorce. He shows up bleeding in front of his estranged dad’s trailer out on the edge of town. His dad is really sad about everything and ashamed that he couldn’t support the family before, and that he still can barely support himself., working at Fry’s Electronics for shit pay (this one has Aztec or maybe Atlantean sculptures). He has a bunch of undiagnosed mental problems but finds solace in esoteric online fandoms that he accesses on his dusty old CRT computer. Femboy sticks around and helps his dad with basic daily functioning and they eat ramen and microwave pizzas for a year. Femboy gets good at shoplifting and that helps for awhile. Femboy lucks into a tech job through some person he knows online and starts supporting his dad and they move into a nicer place. The end.